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Shareen Strauss

I came to McCloud to open a medical clinic in January of 2000. 

McCloud quickly became my home and I slowly got involved in the community. 

I first lived at one of the B&B's as a night manager and got to know the community quite well.


Through the years, I have become involved in many of the community's organizations; the Garden Club, the Squaw Valley Riding Club, the McCloud Community Resource Network Team and the Auxiliary of the American Legion Post 92 just to name a few. 

I am on the board of the McCloud Heritage Junction Museum. 

I keep my finger on the pulse of McCloud as I am the McCloud correspondent reporter for the past 7 years at the Mt. Shasta Herald. 

But coming to this town and caring for the people here is where my heart is. 

I am the McCloud Community Resource Network Middle School and High School Youth Coordinator 

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