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The Warming Project

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The McCloud Community Supporting One Another


When the power went out for nearly two days in McCloud, the United Way came in to check on the senior community to ensure they were not left without a heat source. They delivered propane heaters and tanks to about 18 seniors. This action caught the attention of our community.


The McCloud Healthcare Clinic and concerned citizens made generous contributions to the McCloud Community Resource Network (MCRN) to fund heaters and propane tanks for local residents in need. The McCloud Healthcare Clinic, a key sponsor of the MCRN, donated 24 heaters and Coleman tanks. The MCRN team met, drafted a plan and implemented the Warming Project. Additional heaters, propane tanks, lanterns and batteries were purchased through donations.  


Members of the MCRN met with Fire Chief Charlie Miller who pulled in the support of the McCloud Fireman’s Association and the local fire department for distribution of heaters, tanks, lanterns and batteries to residents who submitted a request. This collaboration is working well.

As part of the Warming Project, the MCRN has a plan in place to utilize the McCloud First Baptist Church as a warming station if the power is out for a minimum of 8 hours. The church is recognized by the Siskiyou County Department of Health as a warming station and has been used in the past during extended power outages. 

Residents of McCloud should contact the McCloud Community Resource Network at (530) 926-6989 if they have no alternate heat source during power outages, are not mobile and unable to go to a friend or family member’s home to warm up.


This program is intended for emergency situations when power is lost. One propane tank for the heaters, provides approximately 8 hours of warmth in a 140 sf room. Priority is given to the senior community but any resident/family without heat or light resources should inquire. Heaters will be distributed based on supply


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